Fast Fashion VS Slow Fashion

Fast Fashion VS Slow Fashion 1 JUNE, 2017 Chemical dyeing processes, Fashion retailers, Fashion trends, Mainstream consumer, Boho-chic,, Bad working conditions, Developing countries ,Cheap labor costs, Quick response, Low price, Disposable, Mark down You may have...

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Buying Bedsheets: a simple guide

Know thyself Know thy bed Know thy sheets When buying bedding many factors come into play: fabrics, weaves, sizes, dyes… It can be confusing so we’ve compiled a simple guide to simplify your buying process.   MATERIAL When deciding on sheets the fabric material...

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Thread count–Does it matter?

Thread count has been considered a golden value in the bed linen industry for being a supposed potent indicator of sheet quality. The rationale of this common thread (pun intended) is: 'the more yarns per square centimeters (or inch) of fabric, the softer the sheets'....

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Sateen VS Percale – Which Weave?

If you’ve ever bought sheets in your life you’ve most likely been confronted to the choice of fabric preference. The number of options is vast ranging from luxurious silk to cheap polyester without forgetting humble linen in the middle. But it is, undoubtedly, cotton...

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Why you’re a Night Owl or an Early Bird

Some people awake naturally at the break of dawn greeting the early beams of lights with authentic smiles of gratitude and enthusiastic cheerfulness towards the day’s quests. They are known as early birds or larks (the little brown bird known for its early tunes)....

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