Swedish by birth, French by education, and Pakistani by choice.

Fredrika Sundberg’s passion for Pakistan started in 1978
when she quit modelling in Paris to travel east.

After stopping in India, Bangladesh, and China, she set foot in Pakistan
where she described her first impressions as love at first sight,
and where she lives today.

Refining over 40 years of experience in the industry.



Two decades later the country became the biggest cotton bedsheet
exporter in the EU and Fredrika Sundberg
a pioneering textile expert in the region.

Through her ‘Maison’, Fredrika seeks to change the landscape of Pakistan’s
textile industry by creating an opportunity for the country to favour
longer-term quality.

The aim of Maison Sunberg is also to make it easier to access superior
quality and encourage the choice of beautiful durable objects that can be
handed down to the next generation.



Our design is simple: all items are white with a
discreet Maison Sunberg signature embroidery.

The entire collection is made of sateen
woven Egyptian Giza cotton and will satisfy the most demanding sleepers.