Swedish by birth and French by education,
My passion for bedlinen started when I was 10 years old
ironing and organizing my mother’s bedlinen cupboard.
It contained only white bedlinen inherited from my grandmothers
which must have been over 100 years old.
This developed in me a true sense of quality and transmission of durable bedlinen.
After modelling in Paris at l’Agence Karin, I travelled East and stopped in Pakistan 1978 and
 soon I got the idea to produce bed sheets.
 As a pioneer, I started this country’s exports of bedlinen as it was a cotton-producing country,
making their own yarn, their own weaving, processing, and stitching which was the best sustainable way
to produce and control the quality.
After working over 40 years in the textile industry with brands from all over the world,
I wanted to create my own product, taking into consideration only the quality and its durability
so that my children can inherit my bedlinen and transmit them to their children.
Quality is all about the raw material and how you have woven the fabric
and the way you take care for your bedlinen.
My products are made to last for decades.
The aim of Maison Sunberg is to make it easier to access superior
quality and encourage the choice of a more conscious and durable bedding
that can be handed down to the next generation.