How do I choose the right size of sheets for my bed?

Maison Sunberg’s bedding is available in a variety of sizes. Please refer to the following size guide and select the right size for your bed accordingly:

Single Bed:

  • Duvet cover: 150 x 210cm
  • Flat sheet: 180 x 290cm

Double Bed (Queen):

  • Duvet Cover: 240 x 220cm
  • Flat sheet: 240 x 300cm

(Fits a bed 160 x 200 & 180 x 200cm)

Double Bed (King):

  • Duvet Cover: 260 x 240cm
  • Flat sheet: 270 x 300cm

(Fits beds of 180 x 200 & 200 x 200cm)


  • 30 x 40cm
  • 63 x 63cm
  • 50 x 70cm
How do I wash my bedsheets?

The usual washing temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees, but you can also wash our bedsheets at 90 degrees. After wash, you can tumble dry and take them out when they are still damp for easy ironing.

If you don’t have time to iron, you may take a hanger and fold your duvet or flat sheet. They may also be hung over the door and left to dry.

Alternatively, a more traditional drying method is to use a mangle for easy dry and ironing.

How deep are your fitted sheets?

35 cm deep walls.

Topper mattress fitted sheet are with 5cm deep walls and 30 cm under the mattress.

Are your sheets OEKO Tex certified?

All Maison Sunberg bedsheets are Oeko Tex certified. OEKO Tex is an acclaimed certifying body, and an independent authority that conducts tests on finished products for harmful substances.

What is sateen?

Sateen is a luxurious, lustrous fabric typically in 100% cotton used in bed linens. Its explicit one-under-two-over or one-under-three-over weave gives it a silky feel and a tendency to be softer.

Do my bedsheets shrink?

Normally, they shrink 5% after the first few washes.

What is the difference between Egyptian cotton and ordinary cotton?

Egyptian cotton is grown in the Nile river valley, a humid area that has long been considered to have the most desirable conditions and soil for growing fine cotton. There are a variety of grades of cotton grown in Egypt. Each is categorised by the length of cotton fibre .The most popular is Extra Long Staple, Long Staple and ordinary cotton. The Extra Long fibres are spun into much finer, softer and stronger yarns than the other two, making it the most desirable to make fabric that provides luxurious comfort. The Extra Long fibre also gets softer with every wash.

A product may be labelled as Egyptian cotton, but it may be of lower grade. At Maison Sunberg, we only use a very fine, Extra Long Staple cotton – some of the finest you will ever find.

What does thread count mean?

This means the number of threads per inch or cm in the warp and in the weft.

How are Maison Sunberg’s linen products different?

Maison Sunberg’s bed sheets are produced using Fredrika Sunberg’s exclusive production process designed as a reflection of her 30 years of intercontinental expertise in producing bed sheets. They are made with the finest Egyptian cotton with the design to last and be passed on from generations. It’s not just the lasting quality of these products; they get better after every wash!

Where is Maison Sunberg based?

Maison Sunberg is based in Paris, France and draws its heritage from Sweden where the Sundberg family has been rooted for centuries.

Why should I buy Maison Sunberg bedsheets?

Maison Sunberg strongly believes people deserve better choices when it comes to bed sheets. Other products in the same category of ‘luxury’ may offer quality, but are beyond financial reach for most people. Maison Sunberg aims to provide this simple luxury to everyone by offering a long-term pricing policy without compromising on the quality.

Where are Maison Sunberg sheets made?

These bedsheets are made in the Indus Valley of Pakistan, in a factory that is certified SMETA, OEKO Tex, & GOETS.

I have placed an order on the website, but did not get any confirmation. What should I do?

Your email address may have been misspelt, the order confirmation may have gone in the junk folder of your inbox, or the transaction could have been interrupted due to a technical difficulty. May we advise you to contact us at with a proof of payment and we will be happy to process your order manually.

I received the wrong size or type. What should I do?

If a wrong product (type, make, or size) is shipped to you and you are charged, please duly inform us at so we may assist you. For example, packing reads 160×200, but it’s a 180×200, then we will change this free of charge, and refund the shipping costs upon receipt within 14 days. Based on your preference, we will either send the right product back to you, or refund the price of the product.

If the error is on your part, you will need to send the product back, bearing the shipping costs.

I can’t find all products ordered. What should I do?

In this case contact us at mentioning your order details, so we may validate and send the remaining product back to you.

I have shipped my product back to Maison Sunberg. When will I get my refund?

Once the returned product is reviewed by our Quality Control, and the refund request is approved as per stated policy, the customer shall duly be refunded within 14 days of receipt of the shipment. Maison Sunberg complies with its Return & Refunds policy, which you may refer to accordingly.

I’d like to cancel my order. How can I do this?

You may cancel your order immediately after placing it by informing us on mentioning your order number. If the order has already shipped you may apply for a refund once it has been delivered to you, as per Maison Sunberg’s Return & Refund policy.

I have placed my order. How can I track it?

Once your order is packed and shipped, you will be sent an email containing your shipment tracking code. You may track your shipment on our courier partner’s website.

Can Maison Sunberg provide a customized product?

Maison Sunberg caters to institutions for their specialized needs as well. You may contact us on and we will try to help you find the product you are looking for.

Is there a Maison Sunberg boutique I can visit?

Maison Sunberg only sells its products through its website.

What countries Maison Sunberg ships to?

We are willing to serve customers throughout the world. Should you be located in an inaccessible region, we can work with our shipping partners to make arrangements to reach you.

How is Maison Sunberg involved in ethical production values, how does it promote sustainability through its business?

Maison Sunberg prohibits the use of synthetic fabrics in its products and sources exclusively noble raw material. Maison Sunberg ensures that all of its supplying partners and employees share the same production values as the brand, which supports justified and equal wages with flexible work hours to really promote social welfare as opposed to industry prevalent practices. Maison Sunberg is strictly against the use of child labour.